About Us

Ethnoroot Home Décor LLP is a venture floated by a group of art aficionados and firm believers of the power of handmade. Ethnoroot team collaborates with the finest artisans from rural hinterlands to find the best crafted artefacts which complements your elegant taste and contemporary lifestyle from home and office decor to personal accessories.

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Our Approach

The art and craft we promote are the historical symbols of Indian civilization and each curated product of ours has a story of tell. We at Ethnoroot prefer to reach the storytellers themselves – the creators/artists/craftsmen of these wonderful art forms to listen to their stories and the genesis of these art forms.
More than the stories, meeting these wonderful artists helps us to understand the importance of these art forms to them, their livelihood and for our collective cultural heritage as these art forms are like the journal entries of Indian History.

Are you planning to listen to some of the stories and flip some pages of history?

“Art Enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same time”

- Thomas Merton

Cruelty Free & Crafted With Love

Handcrafted by artisans in Odisha using the 5000-year-old lost wax technique. A perfect mix of the old and the new, this jewelry is a modern take on of ancient jewelry. A tribal jewelry piece is a unique piece of accessory to compliment your outfits.

Make in India

" We celebrate the diverse landscapes and geography of India. Our ingredients are sourced from beautiful locations all around the country, where they are known to be in their most verdant and potent form and taken right from nature’s pristine repertoire."