Longpi is one of the rarest form of pottery in the world, it doesn't use the potter's wheel but instead use molds and the artists adept graceful hands to produce these creations. Another specialty of these vessels is that they are purely made of stones. These pristine vessels are not only used for their unmatched utilitarian values but also its appearance is considered grandeur at auspicious festivals.

Longpi is where you can re-discover yourself with an earthy touch, enjoying the serene beauty. Longpi is commonly attributed to refer to two villages in Ukhrul District - Longpi Kajui and Longpi Khullen. These two small villages in the hinterlands of mystical Indian state of Manipur is now making national and international attainments with its sassy yet customary Black Stone Pottery or "Longpi Hamlei".

If you think that the dark charcoal colour results from colouring you are MISTAKEN! The potters use Lison, naturally black serpentinite stone found in Kapungrum, Ukhrul and Salanali, a special brown weathered rock available in selected river banks. These stones are collected and tediously grounded till they become powder and then mixed with water in order to make a paste.

The potter moves around the clay himself shaping the pot, supported from the inside with a rounded stone and beaten to the desired shape and thickness. the dried vessels are then fried in an open kiln and polished by leaves of thick-leaved Oak. The effect is of an assured and full black lustre that be speak of the earth it came from and the hand it took to bring it to life.

There are numerous benefits of Longpi black potteries. They are not just convenient for cooking but also for serving; these are meant for withstanding the high heat generated from direct cooking over gas and in an oven. The serving sets are often accompanied with a cane handles, thus useful for an easy grip and at same time adds a queer mien.

  • 100% Eco- friendly
  • Toilsome coiled Method
  • Moulding and Backing in open space
  • Earthen flavour
  • Gas and Microwave friendly
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • No adverse health effects because of no use of chemicals.
  • It is known to prevent morning sickness for pregnant women.