Tikuli Beauty Necklace

Beautifully handmade wooden necklace made of wooden board with tikuli handpainted miniature painting with oil colors. This necklace can sync beautifully with your ethnic or western attire.
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Tikuli is an uncommon and one of a kind bit of hand painting, over 800 years of age and has its origins in Bihar, Eastern India. The “tika” or dot on the woman’s forehead is believed to be the inspiration behind this art-form. It is done on hard-board using deft paintbrush strokes, enamel and bold colors, usually against a dark, black background for great effect. The process renders the board heatproof and waterproof. Fabulous products such as trays, coaster, jewelry and wall-hangings are increasingly popular.
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Craft Type Tikuli
State of Origin Bihar
Stock Availability In Stock
Product Type Necklace
Genre Jewellery